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Uh oh.

Oh god… I think i’ve fell inlove… HELP

Relationships & Cheaters

It doesn’t matter what I believe in, When your around you cloud my mind with lies.

Emotions & suicide

I don’t care how much I sink to the bottom, I just hope I drown.

Heartache & Mistakes

The reason i’m so tired is because i’m always waiting for you to answer me.

Starving yourself: My story.

To be able to starve yourself you must have to face the facts of the outcome, You will become sick, Grow tired more, Start having problems and wont be able to walk much. 

When I use to go to school Id get depressed on how I looked, When I use to eat I would live of noodles and if I didn’t want to eat anymore I would sit there and think of something disgusting and off putting. This will work if you keep doing this, I now live off half a packet of crisps and if I feel really greedy A small cup of plain pasta. Orange juice also gives off the effect of fullness for me, I drink either orange juice or apple juice because it swells the stomach a little bit. 


If  anyone wants to know any other techniques I use please feel free to inbox or ask, I know a few things on how to starve yourself which doesnt involve throwing up. 

Hey everyone, Feel free to submit art, gifs, quotes or pictures which are: Vulgar, depressing, sad, Obscene, Lewd, Rude, Unholy, Pain, Anorexia, bulimia and so on. 

Also feel free to ask questions, I will answer all of them.

Love & Lies

No matter how many times they tell you ”Thats the truth” You instantly think the opposite.
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